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Travel Should Be Tiresome, Because It Is

 As I've been hashing and rehashing and rehashing my ruleset because I can't leave well enough alone, Overland Travel has become a large part of one of the "tiers of play" for Nothing Ventured,  namely the "Conscript" level play where player characters are basically level 0. This level of play is centered around missions and missions tend to involve lots of hex crawling as you are sent from the town/city to the wilderness. In my attempt to make travel feel like travel and give the players choices, I've created some travelling, foraging, and hunting rules. Some necessary information - days are split into "phases" which are 4-hour time segments. I may change the name to "watches", because that's a cool word for this too. A Medium X Test is a Test against a Test Number of 5 using the specified Attribute Die. Traveling "Ultimately, arriving at your destination is the goal of overland travel. Travel  is an action. It takes two pha

Magic from a Lesser Source - Emitting Magic

Continuing my exploration into "magic from something lesser", I am still using a ritualistic, component-oriented magic where spells are stored, cast, and must be "recaptured" somehow to cast again. This style of magic is due to mimicking real world methods where something does not come from nothing. This is the fourth of the methods I've developed so far. The first method which mimics the water cycle! The second method which mimics electricity generation! The third method which mimics producing fire with flint and steel! This method is far more dangerous and dark than the previous ones. They have a ritual and time scale, but no components. Additionally, only one thing holds spells - the magician - but their magic can damage more than just their mind now. This is all because this method mimics radiation and itself effects on the human body. Radiation Radiation comes in a few main forms. Alpha Particle An alpha particle is the heaviest radiation particle, consi

Magic from a Lesser Source - Sparking Magic

Continuing my exploration into "magic from something lesser", I am still using a ritualistic, component-oriented magic where spells are cast, spent, and need to be "recaptured" somehow to cast again. Again, this is largely due to the fact I am mimicking real world methods, where we can't simply conjure something ex nihilo . We need something to produce something else in our methods of generating energy, fire, power, whatever; we ain't God. Here's the first method which mimics the water cycle! And here's the second method which mimics electricity generation! The method of this post has greater differences with the other two than the first two have with themselves - no ritual and a time scale. Even more so than with electricity, this method can be modified into about as many "schools" of magic as one could think of, because this method mimics how we produce fire. Sparking a Fire There are more methods to starting a fire than I care to go ov

Magic from a Lesser Source - Generating Magic

In my continued musings on "magic from something lesser", focusing on how magician's can use something lesser than them to produce magic, I continue in the vein of ritualistic, component-oriented magic where spells are cast and then spent, needing to be "recaptured" somehow to cast again. This is largely due to the methods I'm mimicking within our world.  Here's  the previous method!  The method I'm going to present has many similarities with the previous method - a ritual to produce magic, a means of containing magic, and a means of releasing magic and subsequently losing that magic. This particular methods keeps the door open to having entire schools of magician's which produce magic through various.  Likewise, all these methods - the magic cycle, generating magic, and those to come - can all exist within the same world, which can cause many "schools" of magic. This is definitely something I'm considering in the future. Generating

Magic from a Lesser Source - the Magic Cycle

I asked a question on a discord server run by a tyrant who rules with an iron fist :  "What's the source of magic in your setting/hack? Where does magic come from, or what is magic?" The responses were varied, the conversation was good, and much was learned from those who answered. To those who answered, I thank you. Generally, the answers fell into these categories: Deity/Divinity Creation/The Universe Self/Inner Power Souls Technology Knowledge To sum up - the source of magic tends towards Something Greater; Something Greater than you , specifically. To use magic, the magician must interact with this Something Greater, which makes sense considering the power of magic: teleportation, throwing fireballs, communing with divinity, going invisible, etc. The effects of magic tend towards the source of magic being more  powerful than the user of magic themselves. Something Lesser But what if magic came from something lesser? What would that magic look like? Magic which doesn&#

Inventory and the Crushing Weight of Time

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon, we travelled to a place that doesn't have "flat". Everything was either uphill or downhill. Not even the parking lots were flat. During our honeymoon, we went to the Garden of the Gods, a beautiful park which displays the creativity and artistry of our Creator and His Creation. We brought with us a backpack containing two water bottles and four granola bars, which I carried for the extent of the journey. First, we took a wrong trail which would have led us out of the park into another neighboring property, so we had to backtrack. Once we got back on track, we picked one particular trail which went a long  way around the park. We came to a fork and chose the long  trail, and for the next 3 hours we were on this trail. This wasn't the plan, but it soon became simpler to go forward than go back. As we went, we ate our bars and drank our water, gradually lightening the load. By the end, we had hiked roughly 7-8 miles in 4 hours an

The Noble

The Noble This is the tenth of 10 occupations in my system  Nothing Ventured. Ability 1 - High Quality "As a reaction, you can claim your superior equipment, provided by your family, should have worked. If you missed an attack, you instead deal [level] damage to the target you missed; if you take damage, you reduce the incoming damage by [level]. If you have non-combat related items, you can claim they are better at whatever they do than the usual item, and receive a static benefit from them. This only works with items from your family." Breakdown You're a noble. You are better than everyone else. You're equipment is better than everyone else's, save for maybe those blood-sucking merchants. Your family has gifted you with the highest quality items, whether they be for combat or for play. This ability can go one of two ways, depending on the person playing the noble, and thus producing different nobles. The first realizes they are better equipped, and thus will thr