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Brewing Overland into TEA - Part 1: Travel

The primary resource always being spent in Overland actions is Time . The party will have to spend Time . Other resources may be spent - food, ammo, health - but Time  will always be spent by Overland actions. So much so that usually each day is broken into sections of Time  - 1 hour, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, called a Watch, Quarter, Phase, whatever. Whatever you choose becomes a chunk of Time  the party spends doing something Overland. This is why you chunk it in the first place, because Time is going to be spent , so you make it neat and packaged - you "itemize" it - to be traded for something else. Thus, the question of Overland becomes: how do I want to spend my Time ?  All Overland actions - meaning those actions one takes when presented with a large stretch of territory and large chunks of time - boil down to T ravel, E xplore, or A cquire.  Or E xplore, A cquire, T ravel. Or  A cquired,  T ravelled,  E xplored.  Or E xplore, T ravel, A cquire. I find this option humo

An Almost Perfect Enemy

A Perfect Enemy What I mean by "a perfect enemy" is not the enemy that is the perfect foil or antagonist to one of your players or the entire party. It is not  the enemy that is perfect for the setting or produces perfect conditions within the campaign. A perfect enemy is one who never misses. If your system does to-hit rolls, it is always a critical hit. Always. They do not actually roll to-hit - they just hit. They do not actually roll damage either - they always do maximum damage with every attack. They also can't be damaged - their defenses are Perfect. A Perfect Enemy doesn't take damage because they, along with their armor, are Perfect. A Perfect Enemy doesn't miss because they, along with their weapons, are Perfect. They have no weakness that can be exploited in combat, no flaws that can be used against them. An imperfect character engaging with a Perfect Enemy cannot win by necessity. Perfection wins, every time, and imperfection loses every time. Oh, but

Threats of Violence and Crazy Conspiracy Theories

THREATS OF VIOLENCE >:( THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE ME WRONG AND ARE NOW BEING THREATENED BY ME FOR THE UNSPECIFIED WRONG I HAVE SUFFERED AT THEIR HANDS WHICH THEY DID TO ME AT SOME UNSPECIFIED TIME IN THE PAST WHICH I WAS THE VICTIM OF !!! DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR NAMES AND GO TO THEIR BLOGS WHERE THEY POST HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT READ PLEASE !!! Anni  - I'm gonna remove the aglets from all your shoelaces. Archon  - I'm gonna drill holes in the bottom of all your cups.  BaaL  - I'm gonna cut one leg of all your chairs a half-inch shorter so they all totter. Chloe  - I'm gonna cut your hair in a style both outdated and somewhat gaudy. Cyberchronometer  - I'm gonna replace all your pictures with pictures of blurry roadkill. Dead-delver  - I'm gonna make all seven of your dungeons pleasant and livable. Deus  - I'm gonna make all your parabolas linear. Everythings  - I'm gonna make your art minimalist and grayscale. Filth Pig  - I'm go

The Reflection of the Hunt

Marapaki has no right to witness the Reflection of the Hunt. His light crowned head and his warm gaze may only catch a glimpse of the Reflection of the Hunt as he retires to the underworld. He will see new citizens of that great city before he returns. Etshusu has no right to witness the Reflection of the Hunt. She must travel with her husband to the underworld, leaving only her beautiful artwork as a sign of their leaving and of the start of this most sacred night. In the light of Marapaki's leaving stands the high priest of Ishraim. He does not face the dying light nor the artwork. Both know their place below the greatness of Ishraim. The high priest alone has a right to stand upon the dais. He alone has the right to call for Ishraim. He alone has the right to lead the people of Ishgalba in this most holy of rituals. The people of Ishgalba sit around the garden of Ishraim on raised steps. Across the garden stands the great ziggurat to Ishraim, it's stone leopards ever hunched

Group Combat in One Roll

Surprise surprise! I've thrown myself into revamping my system because I decided I wanted to do skills justice and someone pointed me in the direction of Shadowrun . My hack will now be heavily influenced by Shadowrun's dice pool and hit/miss mechanic in a way that is probably worse, but definitely shorter. I'm not here to write about the revamp though. I'm here to write about the idea of deciding combat for all groups involved in combat in a single roll - a single Group Combat Contest. What is a Group Combat Contest? Let me break it down word for word. "Group" Any time the word "group" is used in a roll, it involves all those in the group. Mind-blowing, I know. Each member of the group rolls the appropriate die pool and the add the "hits" together. This total is the result of the group roll. Character A has a Combat Field die pool of 3d6. They are an Expert in the "spears" Skill and are using a spear. They roll 6d6 . Character B

Overland Travel Rules

I've always wanted more "realistic" overland travel rules and requirements. Bringing tents, bringing hirelings, hunting and butchering animals, laying traps, making camp, purifying water - all that bookkeeping that most people want to get rid of. This is born from two qualities I enjoy in TTRPGs: low-power level and realism. I enjoy low-power play. A grizzly bear should always be a terrifying encounter to the party because, in real life, a grizzly bear is  a terrifying encounter. A pack of wolves stalking the party should be ominous and unsettling because a pack of wolves should be reasonably able to rip a party apart. The world should feel bigger and stronger than the party. I want characters who become heroes because of what they have managed to achieve, not characters who are  heroes because they are super-powered. This is a relatively  common sentiment within OSR style games. I also enjoy realism in my fantasy. As I've said in other posts, it is oxymoronic. Drink

Exploration: The Important & The Interesting

When you pass through a town on a whim, with plenty of time to meander and no real plan for the day, you spend the hours checking out the things you find interesting: the local museum, the highly-reviewed diner, the parks and trails, downtown, the square. Nothing is pressing, nothing is urgent; you have a whole day to follow your interests . When you pass through the same town with a person in your back seat bleeding out, you have a plan and something of great importance to be doing - getting them the care they need. Your interests don't matter right now, no matter how much you love diner food or enjoy the life of the square. Something is pressing, something is urgent; you follow the importance . That Which Is Important You gather together to play the game. It is the first session, and the party is given their mission. It could be anything - investigate nearby disturbances, deliver a thing to a person, clear out bad stuff from a location. This is their goal , and it is that which i