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Mythos & Folklore: Kobolds

Mythos & Folklore: KoboldsDisclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert in anything I'm about to talk about, and these entries should be treated as an introductory primer. This third entry focuses on a race many people have come to love - kobolds. The entry on dwarves focused on a "good" race, the entry on orcs focused on an "evil" race, and I often think of kobolds as "neutral". Granted, a more honest evaluation might be "chaotic stupid", akin to goblins, but I digress. Kobold is another race I'm interested in incorporating into my dungeon down the line as well. 
Additionally, just as a fair warning, there is A LOT of information about kobolds. As the folklore progressed, not all of it lined up either. I'll do my best to mention the important stuff, but as this is only a primer, I'll probably fail to mention an interesting aspect of these creatures.
With that out of the way, I introduce to you: kobolds! Brownie = Boggart = Hobgobl…
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Play Report 2: Fungal Dungeon

Play Report 2: Fungal DungeonThis afternoon we play tested Nothing Ventured (v.0.9) and the starter dungeon for my system Fungal Dungeon. We played for about 3 hours today, September 20th. Here's part 1. PlayersJoining us once again are BZ and GL, each with a level 1 player character and a military hireling. BZCharacter name: Ronin, musical occupationBody 7Mind 4Soul 8Hireling: Lee (light footman)Body 6Mind 5Soul 4 GLCharacter name: Maisy, agricultural occupationBody 4Mind 8Soul 6Hireling: Anne (archer)Body 6Mind 5Soul 4Playing Room 2The party spend a small amount of time checking out the pools of water in the corner of the rooms. The water is murky and shows signs of contamination. The party agrees it is best to leave it alone. Stairway B2 & Room 3bThe party continue in their journey through the dungeon, entering the spore-free atmosphere of Stairway B2. At the base of the stairway is a pile of bones, and searching the pile finds two medium shields, two medium sets of armor, and …

Play Report 1: Fungal Dungeon

Play Report 1: Fungal DungeonLast night I began playtesting my system Nothing Ventured (v.0.9) and my starter dungeon Fungal Dungeon or, as I like to call it, Fungeon. This was played last night, September 18th, and we played for about 2.5 hours total. PlayersI played with two players, who I will refer to as BZ and GL. Each had a level 1 character from Nothing Ventured and each had a military hireling from the "Hirelings" section. BZCharacter name - Ronin, musical occupationBody - 7Mind - 4Soul - 8Hireling name - Lee (light footman)Body - 6Mind - 5Soul - 4 GLCharacter name - Maisy, agricultural occupationBody - 4Mind - 8Soul - 6Hireling name - Anne (archer)Body - 6Mind - 5Soul - 4 PlayingRoom 1The mage, May Crimtel, opens the doors to the dwarven home. The party enters and begins searching the room. Maisy searches the mosaics, studying the image it portrays of the feast, the hall, the king, and the treasure. Ronin searches the statues and finds the caches, netting 10 gold piece…

Fungal Dungeons ARE Fungeons

Fungal Dungeons ARE FungeonsWith my system Nothing Ventured at a stage where I feel comfortable having people sit down and actually play with it, I wanted to create a dungeon which I could use to playtest. I could have used another dungeon someone else made, and just convert everything over to the standard of Nothing Ventured, but I didn't want to! Instead, I took the opportunity to practice making a dungeon myself!     The idea is inspired by a fungus called ophiocordyceps unilateralis. You may have actually heard of it by its other name - the ant zombie fungus. Basically, the spores of this fungus enter an ant, latch onto the ants brain, grow, and then take over its bodily functions to turn the ant into another spore producing host. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum, in a horrible transformation. So why not do that, but on a bigger scale?

Link to fungus: Enter the FungeonThus, the fungal dungeon was born! 
Here's the link: h…

Mythos & Folklore: Orcs

Mythos & Folklore: Orcs Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert in anything I'm about to talk about, and these entries should be treated as an introductory primer. In my continued journey into the myth and folk tales the beloved fantasy races come from, I have decided to focus on a creature more often viewed as evil than not - orcs. I did this for two reasons. First, I did a race last week, the dwarves, commonly understood as "good". I thought it only fair to go to the other end of the spectrum. Second, because I am working on a dungeon for my system Nothing Ventured for playtesting, and I would like to involve orcs.
Without further ado, orcs! Orcus, but not THAT Orcus, y'know?It is crucial when talking of the origins of orcs to have a basic understanding of the Roman deity Orcus, akin to Hades in Greek mythology. I won't do a deep dive on this fella, but here's the skinny: Orcus was believed to be a deity of the Underworld, and specifically dealt with pu…

Mythos and Folklore: Dwarves

Mythos and Folklore: DwarvesDisclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert in anything I'm about to talk about, and these entries should be treated as an introductory primer. What I'm about to say is oxymoronic, but I love realism in fantasy. I like when my fantasy works similar to reality, whether that be how villages and towns start, the demographic of a region, where mountains, lakes, and rivers are placed, or how combat and weapons work. I understand this is a personal thing, and not everyone holds to it. I also want to make clear that your fun isn't "badwrongfun" just because you don't have my preferences. But whether I am worldbuilding, setting-building, system-building, or running a campaign, I like realism. I like things feeling, well, real.     So, when making my current system Nothing Ventured, I left a lot of the more setting specific stuff - races, languages, deities - out, because I was more focused on nailing down the mechanics of the system than the …

Nothing Ventured (v.0.9)

Nothing Ventured (v.0.9)First and foremost, I must thank another person who took the time to review my system and give extremely helpful feedback - SunderedWorldDM. He did a comprehensive review of my system and pointed out places where things could be cut, formatting could be better, where things could be better placed, as well as pointing out vestiges of previous versions I had missed. And, on top of it all, I don't stroke out when typing SunderedWorldDM!
    In all seriousness, I cannot thank SunderWorldDM enough for their input and feedback. Much like with Oblidisideryptch's feedback, it has drastically changed the document, and for the better. As much as v.0.7 was different from v.0.8, so now v.0.9 is another step in the right direction from v.0.8, and I owe it in large part to SunderedWorldDM. Click his name, go check out his blog, and give him some love.

Without further ado, I present to you Nothing Ventured (v.0.9)!…