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The Noble

The Noble

This is the tenth of 10 occupations in my system Nothing Ventured.

Ability 1 - High Quality

"As a reaction, you can claim your superior equipment, provided by your family, should have worked. If you missed an attack, you instead deal [level] damage to the target you missed; if you take damage, you reduce the incoming damage by [level]. If you have non-combat related items, you can claim they are better at whatever they do than the usual item, and receive a static benefit from them. This only works with items from your family."


You're a noble. You are better than everyone else. You're equipment is better than everyone else's, save for maybe those blood-sucking merchants. Your family has gifted you with the highest quality items, whether they be for combat or for play. This ability can go one of two ways, depending on the person playing the noble, and thus producing different nobles. The first realizes they are better equipped, and thus will throw themselves into the fray to protect those lesser equipped. The second realizes they are better equipped, and thus will throw others into the fray to protect their shiny equipment. Both are valid.

Ability 2 - Full Of It

"When you make a roll, if you can regale the table with an epic tale of a previous success of yours related to whatever you are trying to do, you gain advantage on the roll. You can only use each epic tale once for this ability."


You're a noble. You are better than everyone else. They just need to learn this and be reminded of it often. And what better way to that than through stories of your grand escapades? Everyone wants to learn more about you! And if you can truly impress them, it builds up your ego, and that's good. This is a fairly meta ability, and what "regale" means is dependent on each table, but it will produce fun at the table (hopefully) as the noble player continually fills in their backstory with greater and greater achievements. This also allows nobles to be vastly different. Noble 1 was a huntsman on the family's huuuuuge...tracts of land. Noble 2 was a scholar and academic who dialogued with the greatest minds. Go nuts.

Ability 3 - Well-Bred

"You've been born and bred for success. Once per day, if you an come up with a reason related to your nobility as to who you should have succeeded on a roll, you do."


You're a noble. You are better than everyone else. And you know it. It courses through your veins, the greatest bloodline on the planet. Kings are nearly divine and highly favored by deity for a reason! This ability drives home the idea core to the noble - you don't fail. You always succeed, even when you fail. Why do you not fail? Because you mustn't! Those born into noble families were chosen of the gods for a reason. You better prove that, because unimpressed people often stick daggers into failing nobility. As an ability, this allows for greater risk-taking and greater backstory for the noble player. Just use it wisely, because you only get it once a day.

In Conclusion

That's it. That's the whole class. Three abilities you get upfront, level 1 access to, which scale as you take levels in it. It's a front-loaded, simple format that captures what I want it to capture while setting the occupation apart from other occupations. Crazy it took me like 2 months to settle on this, but hey, "thick skull, no brains". Of course, I'm always up for scathing critiques or lofty praise, O Void, and I hope you won't disappoint.


  1. I'm a fan of this, and I can see how it will lead to wildly different types of noble, as well as players acting just the right amount of pompous... *especially* looking forward to them failing the roll even after being Full Of It!


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